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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Dog Training Guidance

Basic Dog Training

I can offer expert advice and support on various elements of basic dog and puppy training.

This process will involve:

  • a 30 minute phone or video call to discuss the problem behaviour or behaviour in question

  • An explanation for the likely cause of the behaviour and how best to resolve it

  • Handouts covering the resolution

  • And on-call advice if needed

All of this is £40.

We will also be running webinars to cover some of the different training tasks. Please check our Facebook for more info! 


If you would like some additional assistance or face-to-face guidance to go through the training foundations, we can do this in a practical session for an additional £35. 

Examples of Training are Covered Below

Training Guides
Basic Obedience
Teaching your dog basic commands including sit, lay down, leave it, and give/drop.
Settle & 'No Attention Available'
Teaching your dog to settle on a mat and how to not seek constant attention.
Teach your dog to come back when called, even when they are distracted.
Focus Command & Distraction Techniques
Gain your dogs attention through focus commands, like watch, and keep them distracted in busy environments.
Habituation to Handling
Get your dog comfortable with being touched all over and habituated to common tools and equipment.
Muzzle Training
Teach your dog the important skill of wearing a muzzle for any situation when this is needed (groomers, vets)
Loose-Lead Walking
Teach your dog to walk to heel and not pull on the lead.
Crate Training
Teach your dog how to enjoy the space of a crate and treat it as a safe haven - very useful for separation cases!
Stop Jumping Up
Teach your dog to stop jumping up on you or visitors and to wait politely for cuddles.
Quiet Command
Teach your dog a quiet command to help stop them barking excessively at home - this works really well with the settle command.
Socialisation Tips
Teach your pup the basics of socialising with other dogs and puppies safely.
Puppy House-training Guide
Teach your new puppy how to toilet outside effectively and easily!
'Picky Eater' Support
See how you and your family can help your dog who may be considered a picky eater!
Manage Puppy Play-Biting
Stop your puppy from play-biting and learn how to manage it successfully.
Manage Separation Anxiety
Learn how to help your dog deal with separation anxiety or separation related problems.
Manage Noise Phobias
Learn how to help your dog deal with phobias to certain noises.
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