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Behaviour Modification for Problem Behaviours in Dogs and Cats

Problem behaviours can occur in any pet at any time, and they can be very difficult and stressful to manage. This stress can also impact the bond between you and your pet, making it even more difficult. 

I am confident that if we work together, we can learn to understand your pets behaviour, and decide an appropriate way to deal with it, helping to rekindle your bond with your pet. 

As an Animal Behaviourist and an experienced dog trainer who has studied in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Masters Level and obtained a CAB provisional membership with the APBC, I am able to offer you high level knowledge and training, able to help change your pets behaviour, all at competitive prices!

As an APBC member, you may be able to use your insurance provider to cover the cost of behavioural work. Please contact them to find out more. 

Problem Behaviour in Dogs:

  • Aggression towards people

  • Aggression towards dogs

  • Maternal Aggression/Pseudopregnancy 

  • Fears and Anxieties

  • Firework and other noise sensitivities

  • Inappropriate Toileting

  • Excessive Vocalisations 

  • Chasing (shadows or prey)

  • Separation Related Problems 

  • Resource Guarding

  • Overgrooming 

  • Destructive Behaviour

  • Hyperactivity and Reactivity

  • Attention Seeking

  • Recall Problems

  • Furniture Hogging

  • Humping or Mounting

These lists are not exhaustive. There are many more problem behaviours in both dogs and cats that I am happy to help with. Just give me a ring or send me a message! 


Problem Behaviour in Cats:

  • Scratching or Biting towards people

  • Attacking other household cats

  • Attacking or being attacked by neighbourhood cats

  • Scratching Furniture

  • Fears and anxieties

  • Firework and other noise sensitivities

  • Urinating or Marking 

  • Excessive vocalisations 

  • Separation related problems 

  • Cognitive Decline

  • Overgrooming

  • Hyperactivity 

  • Attention Seeking


Solving problem behaviours is done by identifying the underlying emotions and motivation for each of their behaviours, and how this relates to their everyday life.

We will then work together to improve to change their motivations in different contexts to gradually change their emotions. This is an incredibly fun challenge in pet training! It teaches you more about your pet and their emotions and can enhance the bond phenomenally! 



Veterinary Referral:

Please contact your Vet to book your pet in for a check over to see if there may be any medical cause for their behaviour. Contact me via email or WhatsApp and I will provide you with the Owner Referral Form. Once this is filled in, I will then send this to your vets and along with the Veterinary Referral Form.  


Behaviour Questionnaire:

Once the veterinary referral and medical history have been received, I will then send you our terms and conditions form and the extensive behaviour questionnaire to fill in to the best of your ability. There are an additional 3 questionnaires that will assess your dog's emotions.

will assess the medical history and questionnaires, and make notes on any further information I may need. 



We will then organise a consultation to discuss all the other information, what I believe the problem is, and an overview of treatment. This can either be in person or online.


Behaviour Report:

Following the consultation, I will then go away and create a behaviour report outlining everything we discussed and the treatment plan. This will also be sent to your vets for their records. 




Follow-Up Meetings:

After 3 months, I will contact you to review treatment via a Teams call, and see how things are progressing or if anything needs changing in the treatment plan. This will again be done at 6 months. 

Cat Cases: There will be one Follow-Up at 3 months. 


On-Call Advice:

Due to my busy schedule as a University Lecturer, I am unable to offer additional training sessions, however, I can give advice throughout your programme and I can recommend some trainers who can help you implement the training. 

Dogs - Packages and Prices 


Behaviour Modification Programme done virtually, anywhere in the UK:

- Veterinary Referral, Medical History, Questionnaires

- Online Consultation

- Report

- 3 Month Follow-up



Behaviour Modification Programme done in-person (within 25 miles of Oswestry):

- Veterinary Referral, Medical History, Questionnaires

- In-Person Consultation

- Report

- 3 Month Follow-up

- 6 Month Follow-up


Cats - Prices 

There are several different options for payment. This includes paying through your insurance, where they will cover the cost, setting up a payment plan (please contact me to discuss this), or paying in full. Please contact me to go through payment options.  

* Travel is included in the overall price for In-Person so additional mileage will not be charged for the first 25 miles. After this, it is 0.45p per mile

Please note:

*Being a Provisional CAB through APBC and FABC, you must obtain a veterinary referral for behavioural problems.

* Treatment will be based on the most high risk problem. If another problem requires training treatment, then we will need to look at this separately. 

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